Curriculum and Instruction
Lights, Camera , Action!
I have had the pleasure of assisting many classroom teachers with their phonelogical awareness instruction.  Our district began a multisensory approach to teaching these skills based on the Lindamood Bell phylosophy.  The use of her LIPPS Phonics Program has been instrumental in helping to raise our DIBELS test scores acrosss the district.  My role has been to provide inservices to staff regarding implementation of the curriculum, advanced applications with upper grades.
Instructional Documentation
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Smartboard files
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Phonelogical Awareness Video
Instructional overview of the LIPPS program and snippets of my classroom instructional techniques.
Instructional Sound Bytes
Track1 Three little Rounds
Track2 E i e A a u
Track3 Little sick open
Track4 Toe, shook, do
Track5 The front stairs
Track6 Rounds, rounds, little rounds
Track7 Theme song for LIPS
Track8 Doctor said "open wide"
Track9 Smileys
Parental Link Overview
Phonelogical Games
Open House Overview